Melania Lese


The provisions of the European Regulation no. 679/ 27.04.2016 represent the unique European legal framework for the processing of personal data that any personal data operator must comply with.

Personal data operators have the obligation to designate a person responsible for personal data protection (DPOR) according to the provisions of the European Regulation/GDPR, in the following situations, expressly stipulated:

  • the processing of personal data is carried out by an authority or a public body, except for the judicial courts acting in the exercise of their jurisdictional function;
  • in the private sector, if the main activities of the operator consist of large-scale processing of personal data which, by their nature, scope and/or purposes, require a regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects;
  • in the private sector, in the situation where the main activities of the operator consist in the large-scale processing of some special categories of data or of some personal data regarding criminal convictions and crimes.

Our company, through the specifics of its activity, does not collect personal data from clients, our clients being eminently legal entities. For questions about the type of data, our company collects, please see the Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy/GDPR.

In case you have questions about the type of data that ENGLISH BOOST SRL, known as RISE ENGLISH, has contact with, respectively about our internal policies or about data issues concerning you, please contact the Rise English’s DPO.