The idea of Rise English, as a private language school, was born in 2021 as a result of wanting to do more and wanting to offer the highest quality English courses for all adults around the world. Even though we’ve managed to open our gates to a larger public only in 2022, our team is made up of qualified teachers with years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language.

     We, the founders, perfectionists as we are, wished to create a new learning environment, where we can focus on improving skills and abilities, and can help others become a better version of themselves. As a result, our company offers English language courses both for personal and professional development, taught by nationally and internationally certified teachers. 

     We strive to offer all participants a friendly and comfortable learning environment, where the learners are constantly encouraged to express themselves the best way they can. Here, at Rise English, you’ll have the best and most relaxed learning atmosphere from the comfort of your own home, so you can forget the stress, judgmental looks and criticism so often experienced by many, and start using English with confidence and ease.


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Studying with Agota, I managed to increase my English level from A1 to B2. She is an excellent teacher, who puts focus on both grammar and speaking. Alongside her, I’ve finished 3 grammar courses and an additional conversational course, which helped me get rid of the fear of using English in speaking. I do recommend her.
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My participation in the courses held by Agota were a real success. Her dedication and professionalism, the great atmosphere and the huge amount of patience are just a few of the characteristics that represent each lesson with her. It is a real pleasure to study with people like her.
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In my academic, but also professional experience I’ve only met a few teachers that I’ve truly considered professionals, but Agota Ferent is one of them. Rigour, seriousness, attention to details and pedagogical tact are just some of her qualities. In a relaxed, warm atmosphere Agota manages to stimulate and to maintain the students’ interest in learning English, transforming said interest into a passion for the language. The courses taught by her are interactive, with the lesson plans created based on the participant’s needs, and her teaching methods are modern. The courses are efficient, they help you maintain interest in learning the language and continuous improvement, and each lesson is accompanied by additional handouts to deepen the acquired knowledge. I recommend her with confidence!
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For me personally the courses with Agota were the most useful of all, because I managed to learn with pleasure. Her way of being offered me the enjoyment of attending classes, without dread.
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Am luat decizia de a începe să aprofundez engleza prin mai multe cursuri în momentul în care am ajuns ca proaspăt student la Cluj și contextul grupei de engleză de la facultate cerea cumva să mă ridic la un nivel mult mai înalt. Am ajuns să o cunosc pe Agota care a arătat că există întotdeauna o parte funny în studiul limbii engleze, care pentru mine până în momentul acela era o frustrare pentru că orice încercasem nu avea un rezultat vizibil. După câteva luni rezultatul colaborării cu Agota s-a putut măsura prin evaluările de la facultate, ce au arătat un nivel al limbii engleze C1. Yeeeey!!! Acela a fost momentul în care am simțit satisfacția că am reușit și pe domeniul acesta. De necontestat este faptul că modul de predare, interacționare, relaționare al Agotei a fost cel care m-a făcut să mă țin de cursuri pentru că dacă nu ar fi fost, cu siguranță aș fi renunțat după primul modul. Recomand cu mare drag timpul petrecut cu Ago pentru că pe lângă studiu, este persoana ce construiește și relații puternice între colegi, care în cazul meu rezistă și după aproximativ 4 ani.
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This course was a very good experience for me. The teacher was friendly and flexible. Every class was a bit different with some creative exercises and great methodology. It helped me to develop a better understanding of what’s going on when we use the English language. And in the meantime we changed opinions about some very important actual topics. It was fun and useful. I am grateful.